Sunday, October 13, 2013

Getting back in the groove

I'm finally getting into the new groove of things out here. I've made my place in the studio and really enjoying my time there. Yesterday was spent airbrushing and assembling some personal projects I want to finish before this months valhalla on the 21 st. As well as getting some games in I'll be teaching some classes there. One of my main projects is another unit for my trollbloods Army, the sons of Bragg. These sculpts are phenominal. 

I usually paint my trolls with just brushwork but this time I wanted to see how I could do with the airbrush. 

Step one, grey a grey base coat.

In the second step I added a little white to the mix and added the highlights.

The third step was to add a rusted tint to the grey foundation.

The same mix was applied with more of the rusted tone.

Then a little chocolate brown was applied.

Then it was time to add the washes. First, the brown.

For the final step a wash of good ol badab black was layed down.

Can't wait to add the brushwork. For my parting shot here's a little work in progress by Mason from the assembly department.

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