Monday, October 21, 2013

To infinity!

Have you played infinity yet? If not, get on it apache! I've fumbled my way through 3 games so far and every one has been enjoyable. Not to mention the beautiful figures and low model count equation that draws out the pleasurable side of painting.  Here's the first group of models I've chosen to paint up. Nomads 4 lyfe.

I'm telling myself to paint this group before I think about buying anything else. Money is tight following my move to Utah. Utah has been very underwhelming to say the least. But you have to remind yourself, things get worse before they get better. By that equation and with no small amount of effort, I'm about to have my socks blown off.

More to come on the Nomads front.  I'll leave you with an in progress shot from a few days ago :)


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  2. Hey Sam, so i just heard you left BTP. That is a real bummer bro as I got a project into BTP before Valhalla just so that you could work on it bro. I asked for you by name. Have you already left? You did my farsight dragon tattoo model bro... I'm so bummed...