Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gunning for ya!

With this project nearly complete I had to slip in some in progress shots before the big reveal. It's about the small victories I guess. Fresh for 2014 here is a trio of Tau Broadsides for my buddy JR, who also happens to be the man :) This scheme was his brainchild and my hands were just there to help. I really like what he picked out, this only furthers my Tau curiosity. I've been cooking up the painting gumbo in the kitchen lately. It's just been too cold to make it to the dojo. Fun fact: it's actually colder than Mars in some parts of Wisconsin..That's not fun at all.

My love for 40K as a game is definitely a loveless marriage at this point. It saddens me to say it and I don't know how I'll tell the young 'uns..No problem, I don't breed. But GW's models will always have a piece of me, your pick GW, I could see deeply enjoying a long paintjob on one of these for my collection. Only time will tell!

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