Friday, February 21, 2014

Steppin into some Malifaux

Why not? Some locals are picking up the game and I've been wanting to play something with more than 2 opponents so let's go for it. Brother John and I sat down and started at the beginning, grab that started box and get to work! Here are a few shots of what we cooked up.

More to come as the game unfolds for us. My first objective is painting up the unit of Death Marshalls. I've also enjoyed the challenge of deciding on a base for this gang. From what I could see online they have a western theme for this faction. Lucky for me there was still some crud from utah stuck to my van. Want to find materials desert bases? Try the desert.


  1. good start, it looks interesting!
    waiting to see more.

  2. Any tips on how you did the blue on the Wyr miniatures?