Friday, April 11, 2014

Return from Adepticon/Crystal Brush 2014

Another year and another great adventure. This event always provides me with a much needed fire under my ass. This past year for me has been what a good friend descdided as "a face kicking" for me. Much progress had been lost but maybe it just took a different direction?

As usual when I try to document conventions the end result is quite random as my objectives change. It is a shame I didn't get more pictures of the crystal brush entries. I had many inspiring talks with my fellow painters around that case and I already have next year's entries cued up in my mind. It was a rare treat for me be able to talk with that many miniature painters. Can't wait to see what people bring next year.

At the end of the show I took home 3 Crystal Brushes, 2 gold and one bronze..I couldn't believe it. I didn't expect to win anything. Although I was excited I know my work needs much improvement for next year.