Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Knighty Night Imperial Knight WIP

This model was assembled by my hammer pal Frank. We chill sometimes, talk fiction, and generally be nerds while I paint and he sketches :) Frank has an ailment that prevents him from detail painting these days but he was more than happy to assemble this kit, I understand why.

Once completed by Frankie I worked as a man possessed. Not sure what came over me but I worked for six hours straight that first day. Motivation for the motivation throne!

First, one must drop the base.

At this point I thought, "sure it's painted but what about my airbrush?"

I haven't had a chance to do a piece involving my airbrush and some heavy duty masking. Not in a while at least and not with my slightly more advanced brain.

I decided to create my own heraldry and from the get go wanted a grim reaper scheme. I wound up with the skull and scythe lighting and blood drop combo. 

Since it's 40K why not some checkers? Make them look like a tablecloth at a picnic you say? 
Okay, sure. hah, the tablecloth comparison was an afterthought.

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