Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ork HQ's Step 2!

 Here they are coming along after some basecoating. I'm trying to figure out which colors I was to go where and such. I would refer this to the "shit stage". The stage where your models have all the necessary colors in play but with little to no contrast which looks like, yup, shit.

Then I started shading in some of the recessed areas and getting the minis ready for some washes. I also gave the attack squig some heavy petting.

Here they sit today as of this morning. 

I've also been doing a black and gray study with my buddy Tom. I grabbed a three pack of gobber drudges at Gencon and thought they would make fun a fast cool minis. We jammed on them last night between my Ork painting blocks. It was really fun attempting to work with a monochromatic scale and tinker with the values and saturation of it all. I'll have some better pictures of him up soon but until then, here he stands.

Once he has his close up I'm afraid his torture has only begun. I have more experiments to carry out on this mini >:}


  1. Lovely orks samson. I know you are just getting started, but I'm lovin the blues. Been wondering how to paint deff skullz, as there never seems to be enough of them on the web.

  2. Nice, glad I could help in a way. Deathskulls are the way to go!