Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I survived Adepticon 2015

Ooo lawdy, what a weekend. So many highlights it's hard to out it all together. Got to see all my favorite homies and well as meet some new ones. So before I start taking decent pictures again, I have one more final bunch of camera phone drops for you.

Three gold and two silver brushes :) I'll have pictures of my entries coming along soon.

It might not look like much but when I took this picture my blood was pumping. Thus is that suspensuf moment that always precedes the ceremony, the settling of the slide projector ha.

  I'd also like to point out Tom Ales in front of me, yet again wearing a death metal T-shirt featuring the spellbinding art of Dan Seagrave. And yes, Dismember rules the wasteland, give them a listen.

Here is an inspiring person I met being interviewed after her 3 runner up award. I walked out for a drink and the doors were closed so the staff could conduct the rest of the interviews. Kudos to you Jessica Rich and thanks for the lesson :)

Here is the model I painted from her class, how to paint smoking hot females. I didnt sign up ahead of time so there were no more nude models to paint. I made due and created this paladin in the finest flesh robes. I also found time to fit a naked lady on the cape, flipping the bird, naturally.

Behold! The swag! Comingled with my purchases from the weekend :)

Finally, upon driving home with Tom, he gifted me an amazing display cabinet. Tom is one of the most noble and solid people I have ever met. Big thanks my man, this is a very motivating sight in my living room.

So what's next? Paint paint paint!! I have commissions stacked on commissions at the moment. 

Have a great day and do what you love, if you're not a total shitbag.


  1. Great haul by you and Tom and well deserved. Was great to meet guys as talented as you two and who are twice as cool/nice to hang out with! It was one of the best parts of the weekend!

    Make sure you stay sharp on your Tik Toc Woodsman! Verrrey Honorable!

    1. Nick! Ha, thanks man :) it was a great time hanging with you, Avery, and shosie (hope the spelling checks out). Looking forward to more hangs next year, especially considering half of us ordered that game. Why chop down a tree when you decimate a fake plastic forest? Take care!

  2. Congratulations Sam! Cudos to you and Tom on the Haul!