Friday, March 13, 2015

Tutorial: Build A Little Base With A Little Backdrop

I can't get enough of painted backdrops lately, they really add another dimension and further push the narrative feel. Last night as I was building the next piece to include one I took pictures of every step along the way. I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory if you want to give this a go. Enjoy!

I had to leave the testors goop to dry over night before sculpting the bit of ruins up. I'm also waiting for a noodle of putty to dry so I can cut it into rivets for the trench barrier. That same noodle will also be sliced into spent shell casings. The idea to this approach came from reading a book on how to draw comics. Basicly you want to create a foreground, midground where the main focus is, and a background. Neat!

More to come on this when I finish the paintjob.