Monday, August 31, 2015

Along walked a dwarf

While I was waiting for supplies to arrive for a recent project I decided to take that time and work on a personal project. There is a massive amount of Rackham figures in my workstation that need to see the light of day and colors of the rainbow. So I decided on Bal-torg the ancient, with no competition or deadline in mind. Just the freeflowing jazzmagic of a squirrel hair brush.

But every dwarf needs a rock to stand on so, first things first, I started with the base. The idea is that he is rediscovering a lost keep, partially submerged and replete with treasure.

I also found time to get the figure blocked in. 

My pallet, after the dust had settled. 


  1. You seem like the perfect painter to do some of these rackham figures justice. Excited to see it come along!