Monday, September 7, 2015

Yaarr! Here be Ghost Pirates!

I've been hoisting sails and trimming pewter! All part of a commission from my buddy Darren for an upcoming event. This will be the "Dying Dutchman" in the game, I'm pretty sure the game is following the rules for fistfull of seamen if you happened to play at Adepticon this year. Here be the makins of such a ship!

Here is the cast of pirates, not the most dashing models but they get the job done and they are all unique!

I removed the bases so they can all be pinned to the deck, which will make this piece really shine. I'm going to paint them in a spectral green hue which should really jump out compared to the damp, rotten tones of the ship. Both to save time and get the "G-g-g-ghost Pirate" vibe across :) 

I also had to make the sails myself..Kind of a head scratcher. It was hard not to make fully functional sails and I had to balance the time and detail. If I was on a island though, this is how I would build my sails ha.

Once all the rigs and jigs were squared away though, it was time for some wet blending. 

And stencil making!

Stay tuned!