Saturday, October 31, 2015

Finished! Infinity Nomads Lizard Pilot

Things have really been ramping up in my group for Infinity lately. Brother John and I have begun assembling a city's worth of terrain, thanks to Mantic games, and my N3 rulebook just showed up today :) I already have a small group of Nomads I painted up from my days living in Utah. More on all that later, for now, I finished another addition to my growing force. The Nomads Lizard pilot from corvus bellis bootleg range for Infinity. I figure she will make a good stand in for any specialists I want to play test. She was painted up when I had an hour here and there while waiting for putty to dry on Megamulg. So some areas I took time and others I didn't, all in the name of happy painting, enjoy!

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