Thursday, October 29, 2015

MEGAMULG in Progress

Mega, Mega, Megamulg! I was asked to build a version of Mulg the ancient in epic proportions. Which was additionally great as I've had an itch to do some sculpting lately, Woo! I'll start at the end, here he is what he became, in all his epic glory. Screaming for paint!

Here is the process he went through over the last 4 days :)




The loincloth was instant molded from the original pair of Mulg legs.

It's all about layers..and patience. I'm too eager when sculpting and found that one of the hardest parts is putting the piece down while the putty sets.

While waiting for the putty to set I decided to start a small personal project. After a few afternoons she was done :) More on that next time.

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