Monday, April 4, 2016

Adepticon 2016, through my eyes.

Yes my friends, it's that time of year again. Adepticon photo duuuuump! Occasionally, over the  weekend, I took pictures of what I was oogling at. Besides the amazing crystal brush contest this year, here's what I may or may not remember seeing. Enjoy!

You have to appreciate the view when you wind up on the 12th floor. Especially when it is a fleeting one. Saturday we saw random dowsings of sunlight and horizontal snow.

But the weather inside was fine :)

Breaking for lunch with Jenn :) "It's huge" the waitress grinned while we ordered. hah

All the necessary supplies and only one announcement made the white board all weekend..

All the way from Salt Lake City it's the one, the only, Holy Diver. In metal lies strength my brother. Glad he made the trip as it was by my encouragement when I lived in Utah. Always good to see you John, hope you come out again next year :)

These two, ha, thanks for strapping your gear on for the picture. I bet that didn't get old over the weekend, but damn, y'all did a great job!

See more from them here.

Next stop, Wappelville! Church on one side, brothel on the other. All divided by a set of tracks cutting through town.  

Be sure to give Joey and everyone at World's End Publishing a visit.

I couldn't get enough of the tables, if you haven't noticed, and the suite where the infinity tournament was, did not disappoint.

Late night Infinity between Brother John and Hubba Hubba Huebner. (Triple H for short)

The swag bag was fully loaded this year, which didn't stop me from buying a bunch of shit. Here be the loot. Which will give you an idea of my personal painting schedule for the next few months hah.

The Crystal Brush this year saw some of the most impressive work I've seen in person. I'll post my entries in the following few days and the results. In the wake of it all, I'm more inspired than ever and there is never enough time with so many great people.


  1. Looks like it was a blast! Thanks for sharing. The rum pic was my favorite >.> Try some Flor de cana 12 sometime it's my favorite.. so far

    1. Sounds like I'll have to get some Flor de cana! Glad you liked it :)

  2. Replies
    1. I always try to get a feel of the even for those who couldn't attend. It's worth the trip if you can ever make it :)

  3. I like so much your entries Sam, particulary C.A.G.E.
    The level of painting this year seems even higher than last year (it's possible?).

    1. My thoughts exactly. The level of insanity keeps reaching new heights, which pleases me :) Glad you enjoyed my entries. I'll get them up for a better look on here soon.