Sunday, April 24, 2016

WIP: Archaon, The Everchosen

That's right! One big ass dragon, three heads, and a buff dude with demon powers, covered in armor. The stuff legends are made of. But every legend needs a place to stand in the world so I'll start with the base.

I wanted to capture something cataclysmic, possibly biblical. The story of Samson comes to mind, towards the end of it
 Something that would convey the power and size of Archaon descending to the temple of Sigmar. After seeing these pillars (pictured below) in the Secret Weapon booth at Adepticon, I decided I needed some for this piece. At first I placed on pillar in the front. The idea was to create a toppling effect but I decided it would block the view a little too much and moved it to the rear.

Here it is after some trial placements and debris organization.

"Your temples will sink and fall into the earth" is probably what Arcahon would say so I created a section of slate rocks to house an emerging stream of lava.

Then it was time for some smaller details. A few bones and some weapons discarded by the fear stricken mortals.

Today Archaon has been primed and will receive some airbrushing.

More to come so stay tuned!


  1. Oh man, this is going to be good!

  2. Looks messy, but fun! Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Thanks Y'all. It was a challenge at first but is gaining momentum in a good direction. Much more on the way!