Friday, November 18, 2016

Finished! Haqqislam Force

With the contents of Red Veil, a box of Naffatun, Hassassin Fiday, and the pre order mini from HSN3, I had my starting force set. They were painted up quickly over three sessions leading up to a friendly tournament over the weekend. Nothing too show stopping about them but having them completed as a whole leaves me with a sense of satisfaction. The Al'fasid could use a little more attention. My thoughts being I'd save him for last and have fun, but in reality, he was painted during my most tired point in the process. But it's a start and now I can add tot he force here and there without such a large effort.


  1. I like the muted tones that you've used - it adds a sense of grit and realism. The freehand on the Al-Fassid is a nice touch.

  2. Lookin good, buddy! More I think about it, the more I like white representing the holo/camo/impersonation suits powered down. Fave has to be the Yuan Yuan, just way too epic for such a dinky throw away unit!

  3. I really like the chosen colour scheme! A truly amazing force!