Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Haqqislam WIP Part 2

Further down the sandy road we go! I spent three days on this army so I'm going to milk it a little and double post about the progress ;) Three days but many hours, I didn't track my time exactly but there were a couple 10 hour sessions. In this update the bascoating is complete and I had begun separating out models that shared the same needs, such as flesh tones or yellow turbans.

I saved the big boy Al'fassid for last like some kind of reward. My reward for painting was more painting. But it was a fun project and I'm glad to have some painted figures for gaming. In the future I'll be able to add a couple troops here and there without much time being taken.

With the army completed on a Friday night, the next step was to test them out in a three round tournament. Stay tuned!


  1. Fantastic airbrush work mate, I really like the tones you've gone for with the Haq models. Would be keen to see a few more detail shots.