Monday, June 19, 2017

WIP Deathwatch Overkill

This one is a little more time consuming but pack a good amount of variety which I enjoy. The following pictures were taken over the last couple weeks. Fifty minis to crack into at once.

For the genestealer side I wanted to try something different and spent a little more time on the zenithal undercoat. Then I hit them with a coat of deep shader from the Army Painter line. For the skin I then mixed up some light ivory and painted on more textures. Taking some inspiration from the sketch style of painting I've been seeing lately.

This last picture was taken today. Just getting a head start on tomorrow's work :)


  1. Looking good!!

    I´m looking forward to see how you paint the deathwatch unit (and I also hope you post a tutorial for the black armor :) )

    Nice work as always