Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Lost in the Necropolis part 1

I'm back from Adepticon and of the many things I picked up at the con, I found myself most interested in what I could do with this dwarf (Broin Bearson) from scale 75. It's a larger model as well which I haven't worked on nearly as much as 35 mm figures. Coupled with my
 recent appreciation for the heavy metal badboys Manilla Road, the name of this piece is one of their sing titles, I was feeling motivated. 

So here it is in the raw. As the title suggests, the character is lost in the necropolis. Inplan on freehanding a maze of pillars on the backdrop and wraiths hiding beneath the water, which will be flowing off the plinth in a stepped form.

There ha sbeen a lack of updates here because I've been posting on faceFace where I created an artistsa page. At this point Facebook has been working well, I'm able interact more with comments and reach people to teach classes and obtain commissions. But I can't say if Facebook will be around forever so I'll be giving this page some more attention, it's probably best to post on both sites but I mostly into painting opposed to writing the same information on multiple sites. But I'm feeling motivated :)


  1. Hell yeah dude Manilla Road is awesome!

  2. The composition of this display base in terms of height variation is lovely. Thanks for posting it unprimed so we can understand how you built it. I am so looking forward to photos of the finished work.