Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dire Troll Blitzer Work in progress

I've been at this guy for a couple days now. He's finally getting to a decent looking point, I've established a solid basecoat on the skin using various mixtures of blues all based around shadow grey. Space wolves grey, regal blue, liche purple, white, and a 50/50 wash of asurmen blue to devlan mud.

I took a picture here to show the gradation.

I started the browns at the Chimera on sunday while Mike and John got to grips with some Warmachine/Hordes mayhem. Our buddy Adam stopped by as well (http://atomsmashing.wordpress.com/) Adam along with brother John and I have a bit of a secret project that's about to come to fruition in the coming weeks but more on that later. We'll be having a coke party with him and Eric at Adepticon... The browns are coming along nicely. I'm slightly cautious that this model may come out with too many dark browns and lack enough warm tones to create the contrast I want. We'll see at the end, I plan on adding plenty of scars and cuts to add some red as well as painting some light sourcing from the barrel of the minigun.

He still needs a lot of work, tomorrow I should be able to get the skin and teeth/nails finished off and getting the metals closer to where I want them.

In other news I bid farewell to a lady who shared my room with me for a short 2 weeks, goodbye Lelith. A buyer on Ebay contacted me wondering if I planned on re-listing her and offered to buy her straight away. Deal, she'll be hopping in the mail tomorrow where she'll be calling Indianna, nicknamed  "The Crossroads of America", her home. Farewell little Wych.

Now if my Chaplain would sell on Ebay.

Since he didn't sell the last time I've decided to add some extra lovin' to my baalin' baby boy. We'll see how Chaplain 2.0 goes. Well I mean I'll be watching and trying to make money.

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