Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tigurius diorama wip shots and a Rune priest conversion.

I'm happy to say my chaplain has some bids on E-bay which has me relieved and motivated to try another mini out. I figure I can't go wrong making Sanguinary Priests because everyone has 3 of them, to change things up I chose to make a Rune Priest, something everyone also wants 3 of.

I also made a chooser of the slain marker to add to the package. The axe is from the Wolfguard terminators box, other than that all the other pieces came out of the grey hunters box. I added the psychic hood by following the tutorial found on from the warp.
Simple and effective, nothing too fancy on this conversion but I think it does the job and once painted will blend right in.

My Diretroll Blitzer is nearly complete as well. I've placed him on my 99% done shelf next to the other entries. I'm still waiting on some supplies I ordered from coolminiornot feb11th...come on guys I need that grass to complete my projects.
So with the Troll taking a break so I can look at him with a fresh set of eyes I've turned my attention to my final entry, or at least the only one I'll have time enough to finish. 

That's all for now, I'm going to see if I can't bust out a Rune Priest in the next day and a half :)

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