Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have been to the mountain!

Well first I apologize for not posting in a long time. I alluded to a 10 day tour and a trip to Adepticon in my former posts, once all of that transpired I had no time for my blog, but holy shit do I have a shit load of shit to post now! Adepticon was a mixer, between a blast and a buzzkill I'd say. But I'll get to that later, first I just want to get back up to speed with my painting, there are bills to be paid after all, and sift through the madness of Adepticon. Tons, literally, of great models to choose from. 

When I returned from Adepticon I got right back to the Rune Priest I've been working on. He's all Finished off and hopefully will soon be on his way to a distant battle field far from earth. We simply have waaay too many Space Wolves here.

Here's the link to E-bay

He was pretty fun to paint, I've been trying to add freehanded textures here and there and I think the underside and the edge of his pelts are a decent start. The chooser of the slain was fun to build too, I threw him together quickly as I figured his as just a bonus to the person who buys the Rune Priest, maybe incentive.

I've also been zazzing up another Sanguinary Priest. I snapped a shot of his basecoat yesterday.

With a magnetized jump pack, natch. At the moment he's nearly complete and I'll be finishing him off after this and hopefully he will be posted up here tomorrow. Hopefully.

Well, I'll get around to that Adepticon post sooner of later. Until then, stay exactly where you are and don't move.


  1. Hey Sam, do you have some photos of Kevin's Eldar? Congratulations on getting best painted army!

  2. Hey buddy! Thanks! I have pictures of Kevin's Eldar in some earlier posts ;)