Monday, April 11, 2011

Vulkan He' has an ugly chapter color scheme

Well this is not my finest hour. I finished off Vulkan and I have to say yep, I still don't like the green and gold color scheme. I think my disdain for this model showed up in my photos. Not my finest hour.

I was all about this model when I built him but my love is gone now.
So naturally I'm interested in bartering this red headed step child out of my family for some cash on E-bay or a lamb or beer or something. 

Here's a little before shot. I'm happy with the conversion. Simple and is still easily identified as Vulkan. In hindsight this might have been a good candidate for non-metallic metal.


  1. Even with your disdain for the model... you managed to complete it, and it still looks better than 90% of the people out there. That's worth some mention.

  2. Hah, Thanks Lucky, he's allllright.

  3. He does look good. Good job on the flames!