Saturday, April 30, 2011

Uruk Hai Shaman in progress

 I picked this guy up yesterday as part of my deal with the hobby store to paint scenery for store credit. I want something to enter in the Lord of the Rings category at Gamesday Chicago this year so I perused the selection. I came across this shaman and decided he's the one.

Please excuse the photo, it came out weird and I just auto leveled it. I'm liking him so far, I had my doubts after examining the sculpt up close. The fun thing about this guy is that I'm doing him in all non-metallic metals in preparation for the Lord Draigo I posted earlier. Here's how far I got today, my friend and fellow miniatures painter Jake came over and painted with me. Very fun, I've been pretty starved for interaction with other artists let alone artists of the miniature painting variety. We also went to the park and grabbed some foliage. The shaman's base is sporting some roots from todays trip.

I have to say I'm really enjoying non-metallic metal, it's a nice change and a new challenge. I made the shaman's metal from various mixtures of black, shadow grey, and white. I think I'm going to figure out how to paint his base in a few minutes. I'll have more on how the comes out soon.

Of course I took pictures of the craters I painted for the store!

I'll have an E-bay goodie for you tomorrow so stick around ;)

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