Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scratch built Rune Priests step 1 and a miniature gift

 I'm building the supply of E-bay minis back up this week and aside from some sanguinary priests I'm working on some rune priests as well. It's priest mania, everyone must go!

I originally spent this morning taking step by step pictures of the two priests as they came along. After taking a better look at the photos in photo shop it was all for nothing :/ No big deal I do have some pictures of them before any paint and with a primer coat.

After I put the usual tubes going into the head on the first one (the one to the right) I wanted to try something different on the second, also the miniature had a lot of flare around his waist and that would require heavy converting to add the same effect as the first. It may not be a good angle but I sculpted a mess of wires going into his head from the psychic hood. Not the prettiest sculpting but I try not to worry too much on the E-bay minis, not every model can be painted to exhibition quality.

Many thank to the bitz pimp Kevin (http://myworld.ebay.com/teachermickeymouse/?_trksid=p4340.l2559) He not only supplied me with a box of grey hunters but also gave me 3 metal axes from the rune priest GW sells. Buy his stuff!

I was also looking over the may photos from this year's Adepticon and came across this picture of my buddy Adam, he's the guy who interviewed me for Beasts of War.

Adam is the dashing muse on the left, he also has a blog and between his and massive voodoo I was really motivated to start this one. Check out his page http://atomsmashing.wordpress.com/ good stuff! The other mug in the photo is that of the much blogged about brother John :) hey Bro!

In the interview with Adam I presented him with a mini, here's that very mini.

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