Monday, May 9, 2011

Tutorial: Shipping Miniatures / Sanguinary priest on E-bay

Since I've heard some E-bay horror stories lately, like shipping models in a plastic bottle with no packaging for example, and I've been selling models online with no plan of stopping I decided I'd like to share how I go about shipping a miniature :)

First you need the necessary supplies.
- A box, I've found that a 200 count card box from the hobby shop is a near perfect size for shipping a model. and they're only 75 cents
-Small baggies
-bubble wrap
-scissors or similar bladed weapon of +2 cutting power
-and of course a model

The small baggies are optional but I like using them for the magnetic options so they don't spill out when the packaging is unrolled.

Now that you've burrito wrapped your model and whatever else you'd like to send it's time to add a personal touch. I like to leave a note on the inside of the lid and a picture hidden on the front of the box. This is the personal touching that everyone receives. Here we can see an illustration of a space marine playing rock and roll on top of a mutilated demon. Rock on Brother!

Now the whole kit and kaboodle is ready to receive it's ceremonial square of tape and after it is addressed, make it's way through time (zones, possibly) and to your doorstep.

Who knows what mystery lies in the plain white box...

As promised here's the next Sanguinary priest I'll be shipping out. 

E-bay link:

I enjoyed the alternate color scheme and even gave him red gems, just for you tom ;)  After painting 4 of these guys at this point they're still fun models to make and paint. It's also a plus that I can put bloody gore on every one of them.


  1. What can I say, I am oldschool! The Red gems on the white armor look awesome!