Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ejected ground base for a Zombie

Here and there my friend Jake, who's also a miniatures painter which is rare around here, get together and paint. Riveting. The last time we hung out we decided we were both going to paint a similar model, I think night goblin shaman was the first idea, we would use the same colors and I would show him some techniques. Well Kevin the bits pimp's( thick finger once again found it's way into the mix after he handed me a blister of Rackham Zombies which he had pilfered a scythe from and no longer needed. So Jake and I chose our Zombies and have been prepping them during the week.

I've really been enjoying some of the bases I've seein lately with a sort of ejected ground look to them. You know the ones, the ones where the model is mounted on a chunk of hovering terrain which is attached to a plinth. I really like what these do for the model, it makes it completely separated from it's base and exposes dirt on the underside and opens up more potential for details like rootwork or piping and all sorts neat shit.

I kept it relatively simple for my first attempt. Nothing too time consuming because I'm up to my ankles face first in a Deathwing commission at the moment.

Here's where he stands so far. I really wanted to exploit the z shape created by the zombie's scythe and lantern. Once I tapered the base and added some curving roots it nearly makes a figure 8 which gives it great movement. More on him as he comes along. Now back to Kevin's Deathwing. Who I'm starting to wonder if I can go 2 posts without mentioning his name.

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