Friday, May 20, 2011

Zombie Wip

Jake and I sat down and worked on our zombies today and I want to share the progress we made. Well, I made at least, I didn't get a chance to photograph Jake's mini. So here's the zombie so far. Just the skin and a small start on the base.

I really like the colors so far and the whole model in general. I have good feelings about him :) 
Next time we'll work on the tunic, I'm thinking a very dark olive green with some aquamarine shadows and add some graveyard earth and codex grey to the mix for the highlights. Hopefully we can get together next week sometime and I can bring you some more progress.


  1. Dude that is so awesome. The colour is great, the model great the base looks like it'll be awesome and I love his weapon.
    I'm enjoying going through all FTW have to offer =D

  2. Thanks Warflake! FTW is massive but contains a lot of gems. I can't wait to finish this guy off.