Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Converted Rune Priest redux

I had this guy up for auction on E-bay and he didn't sell. That left me with some extra time to spend with him so I  added some extra tones and details. I also made him a chooser of the slain marker. Here he is before and after presented after and before.

I also tried something new by adding a little more shine to the armor which was fun. Here he is in his completed glory.

Cross your fingers he's off to the market once again.

Well that's all for now but this weekend was very busy. With a games day coming up I have lots of fun stuff to show and very little time to do it :)

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  1. Excellent work on the mini. Love your work.

    I'm doing some snow-themed minis myself. Check out my Eldar army in progress at my blog: