Sunday, June 5, 2011

WIP Uruk Hai Shaman

In order to maintain my sanity while painting Kevin's massive Deathwing commisssion I worked on this guy here and there.

He's at that 90% done range where I know he needs something more but am deliberating on what that could be. I think his eyes and face need more attention to start. Maybe some runes freehanded on his staff or loincloth. 

I'v been digging the medieval setting lately and some friends and I have decided to play mordheim only it's a slightly more balanced fan version called Coreheim. This is just the excuse I need to collect some of the fantasy figures I've been oogling from the many manufacturers out there. My fisrt thought was to go with witch hunters but now I'm leaning towards the cult of the possessed as it will open up more conversion opportunities. Plus my other friends are leaning towards the good guy warbands. I'm already imagining a possessed warband based on an unlucky Duke who's fallen out of money. 

Models like these just ooze pure character. With so many to choose from the only hard part will be to not buy too many of these guys.

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