Friday, June 17, 2011

Tribe of the Bear WIP Part 2

I had an inkling to try out the paint stick method for batch painting so I headed down to the hardware store and picked up just that plus some sticky tac.


After attaching all the models to the sticks I went to work. 

Just mainly on the browns and silver so far. Apologies for the sub par photos. They'll get their moment when the whole project is finished. 

On the paint stick method I'm not a fan after trying it. I could see it working well for say a squad of space marines, these models are too different from each other. There's no uniform to follow so the idea of painting the front and then the back of a model went out the window for fear of missing a spot.

Before I started on these guys I had an appointment to take care of and while I was waiting for my friend to show up I started throwing together another Dreadnought for sale on E-bay. I just started tinkering with a base and before I knew it my friend still wasn't there and I had a really kick ass base.

Time went on and still no friend so I puttied over some gaps and primed the old boy.

Here he is ready for a paint job and a spot in the magical cupboard where he'll come to life...I loved those books.

Well I better get back to work on the Tribe of the bear. I have some deadlines to meet before I join some friends for some games of Warhammer. I'll be trying out my Dark Eldar combat patrol list which I'm excited to do because there is finally a model for the venom and I don't have to use a land speeder as a proxy.



  1. The base on that dread is crazy. I'd love to see a tutorial on how you achieved the height and the list of materials you used.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. I didn't take any in progress photos except for the pictures without the primer coat. I can give you a list of materials though. I used bark, guitar wire, gorkamorka gubbinz, granny grating, slate, some plasticard, and a cities of death bit.

    Hope that helps!

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