Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back from Origins 2011

    As the title suggests today I'm finally back to my room in Wisconsin after a week at Origins working for my local hobby shop, the Chimera's, booth. It was interesting in many ways. I met other vendors, painters, gamers, metal heads, trannys, and bums. Well I should point out the bums were some of the crew "helping" us who turned out to be some of the laziest people I've ever experienced. I'm confident that the dog does the cooking at their home. 

Overall I had a great time though. My buddy Kevin the bits pimp and I ritualistically drank 5hour energy shots throughout the day and sold hordes of loot. 

The biggest bit of news I have to share is that Armorcast commissioned me to paint 5 of the figures they produce and they produce many but I've always know them as a company that makes top notch scenery.

As I work on the models I'll post them. The first two I've decided to paint are a couple of dwarfs or Dwarves if you're pc. One musician and one barmaid.

The bases are also made by Armorcast ;) Great stuff and they're running a competiton, which I've entered, right now using their range of cinematic effects so what are you waiting for? Check them out.

I also cleaned house on some top notch Racham mini's that I've been wanting to use as a mordheim warband. The Chimera was selling them for 50% off. That's right 50!


Before I can get to these guys I have a bit of a list to attend to. Here's my painting list for the July.

-all 5 Armorcast minis
-the Tigurius diorama for Gamseday
-finish the Tribe of the Bear
-start Madrak Iron hide in preparation for Gencon

Hmm, not as many dashes as I'd hoped but their all pretty big projects. I'll leave you with a wip shot of my first order of business, that infamous Tribe of the Bear which I've learned are actually old Citadel miniatures. 


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