Sunday, July 3, 2011

Minis for sale!

 Just a quickie this time baby. I threw the gorgeous Demon Tower from Rackham up on E-bay last night as well as a Rune Priest I had sitting around.

Here's that Demon Tower, out of print and up for sale. Still shrink wrapped too!

You may remember this guy from the last time he didn't sell. Well he's back and the same as ever, this time with more similarity to the last time!

The next item on the agenda is figuring out how exactly I'm going to photograph 30 dudes.On friday I happily finished the Tribe of the Bear :) The only challenge left with that project is taking the time to snap a few photos and capture each model in it's full glory. Every one of them is different which presents a bit of a challenge, oh well, I'll figure something out. After all the painting is done, now I can get to work on those Dwarfs from Armorcast!

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