Monday, July 11, 2011

Dwarf Bagpiper finished/solving the riddle of plaid

Here's another mini from Armorcast, more specifically Lance and Laser. It is my pleasure to present him to you in all his drunken, stumbling glory.

Go vote for him on Coolminiornot:

I'm really starting to miss my old camera which was stolen from me. I'm very thankful to my girlfriend for loaning me her camera but man, the quality of these photos is really starting to get at me. But hey, painted models always look better in person.

I like to imagine he hasn't been hired to play the pub but rather showed up with and instrument. Rocking this little ditty on his pipes. Insulting to the locals as it may be.

Interesting fact, the singer Shane Macgowan claims he hasn't been sober a day in his life since he was 14. Rock on buddy!

I had a good time trying to figure out the mystery of painting plaid but after some messing around, I did this guys jacket and hat twice, I think I've arrived at a comfortable level where I can start experimenting with the technique.

I didn't get to paint as much as I wanted to yesterday but that's expected on a Sunday. Also It was hotter than a crotch yesterday and twice as soupy, the phrase humid as fuck was tossed around. Anyway what I did do, besides working the metals on Tigurius, was get a base going for Madrak Ironhides "quitari".

So far so good, I plan on entering this guy in the privateer press grandmaster competition that's taking place during Gen Con so getting him off to a quick start is important.


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