Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Madrak Ironhide Finished!

I'm happy to say I've completed my Epic Madrak Ironhide and much earlier than I expected. I'm usually painting the day before a compeition. Hmm... getting things done ahead of schedule instead of the last minute, what a concept.

Go vote for him on Coolmini!:

He'll be making an appearance at Gen Con with my Diretroll Blitzer but enough about Privateer Press. What about Games Workshop?

Here we see my 9 entries patiently waiting for saturday's Golden Demon.

After that I won't be posting for a while, between Gen Con for a week and an 11 day tour with my band there isn't much home time. I'll be back in wisconsin on the 22nd though and I have many projects lined up for that timeframe, many, many, projects :)

Hopefully I can get a post in after Games Day. 
Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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