Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wip update and a Finished Nosferatu

I finally took some decent photos of Nosferatu the other night. 

A very fun and simple model to paint :)

Today I spent around 8 hours painting Madrak Ironhide in preparation for the Privateer Press Grand Master Painting Competition at Gen Con this year. I've been enjoying the Non metallic metal technique lately. Here he is nearly complete, then I'll take some time on the photos. So far so good though, he'll definitely be done in time for Gen Con. 

There's also a Golden Demon right around the corner, on the 30th to be exact, which has me getting all kinds of excited. I always have a blast at Games Day, well, the 2 I've been to at least. I'll have no less than 9 entries this year, granted some of them aren't the strongest of paint job but I figure if I have something to fill the category why not? 

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