Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lord Draigo wip

Draigo is getting close but still so far, I still need to make all the colors brighter, he doesn't have quite enough contrast to really make the NMM pop. At least the way I want it to. The base is also not as far along as the model. I did finally put him together last night so now I only have one piece to paint instead of a separate head, shield arm, and base. Here he is so far, hopefully I'll be able to finish him in the next couple of days.

It's going to be a hectic weekend, there's a big diy fest in the area and I'll be having one of the touring bands stay at my place. Besides attending the 3 day fest and all that goes with it I have a strict work schedule to follow. As I mentioned before Kevin the bitz pimp (Ebay Store  was assembling a massive Deathwing commission for me, earlier in the week we made the hand off. I drew a schedule to make the most of my time before gamesday that should allow me to have everything I want to enter prepared and keep the commissions going. The plan for Kevin's Deathwing is this:

37 Terminators

day 1 bases
day 2 basecoat armor and add sponge stippling damage
day 3 Red edge highlight half the force
day 4 Greens and skin
day 5 Greys & Black edge highlight remaining force
day 6 Silver
day 7 Special detail on Belial and Chaplain
day 8 Special detail on Belial and Chaplain 
day 9 extra day
day 10 extra day

That's the schedule I'm going to try and keep and I've allowed myself some extra days in case life gets in the way...So  that's my plan, hopefully I won't be too busy to document the progress but odds are you won't hear much from me until after the weekend. Day one goes well I'm nearly finished with the bases :)

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