Sunday, April 24, 2011

Adepticon 2011 "fuzzy memories"

Phew, I'm exhausted, sorry for the lapse in posting. I was working on a friends movie for a week and was very sick due to being outside in random weather the whole time. But I am back and have survived the wilds. Recently an interview done by my friend Adam (  was posted on Beasts of War. I didn't win anything but the video went up anyway which is fine with me, why not?

When I started this blog I didn't want to show my face. I decided that I'd rather just have people look at the work I'm doing rather that what type of person I look like or how magnetically handsome I am. I guess "I'm lifting my self imposed media black out"

Thanks to Adam and Eric for doing this it really made the event that much better and personal for me. Two really great guys! This year's Adepticon was a blast overall, I stretched myself a little too thin and told a friend I could fill a spot for his buddies in the team tournament 2 days before Adepticon. The team tournament entails over 12 hours of warhammering. I had a pretty shitty time in that tournament, the last game was my favorite though, even if we did lose it was nice to play some real people who were into having fun with the game. Fortunately I know exactly what the plan is for next year. Pack more beer and liquor, register early enough to get a swag bag, get a hotel across the street instead of the one the event is in (cheaper and it has free internet, laundry, refrigerator, and kitchen), take a painting class or two, and sit down to paint with some artists I haven't met before.

Here's a shot of all the cool loot I picked up this year. The nightly flea market was crazy. For $19 I got all the non enigma models. That includes an out of print ork, which I couldn't pass up for nostalgic value, a great 54mm from Scibor which sells for $24.40 from their site not including the shipping, and a Wulfrick the waderer mini. Brother John bought the wizard and haded it off to me, we're slowly re-building our scattered copy of Hero Quest. The other 2 minis I grabbed from the Coominiornot store. I wish I had more money that day.

You may also remember I painted my friend Kevin's army for the combat patrol tournament. It won best painted one day and he passed the plaque to me, thanks buddy!

The finished army is right here

Well that's about all I have to say that I didn't also sum up in my interview. Now that all the dust has settled for a while I have a whole month where I don't have to leave the state and I can really dig in to some hobbying. I'm thinking about blogging every day for a week again real soon. 

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