Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finished Eldar Combat patrol and Lelith Hesperax

Whew, it took a while to master these photos. Finally it's finished, a monumental weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I know Adepticon is still a month away but I have many projects, well basically I'm going to be painting as many as I can before the con, and having this one finished leaves me a decent amount of time to finish some pieces. If you happen to be in the combat patrol tournament, look out for these bad boys.

First up the Dire Avengers

They'll be accompanied by a mix of War Walkers

and Jetbikers. We used the dark eldar bikes and underslung the Eldar weaponry. Nothing too fancy but it's effective. Converting Eldar to represent Eldar wasn't that hard.

Finally done! :O

To break things up a bit during long painting sessions I worked on Lelith Hesperax to sell on E-bay. It's hard to part with this model, I'm very happy with the way she came out. Hopefully she goes to a good home.


  1. Unique take on DE, awesome work!

  2. I really like your style. It looks like you do some work with the airbrush, and then finish up with a brush. How do you do your signature white lining? Looks great. I especially like lelith. What colors did you use for the skin? I am currently painting a dark eldar force, and want to go with a purple skinned force. Great work.

  3. Great looking minis there mate, especially the vehicles!

  4. Thanks guys!
    Eldar Addict, you are correct sir. I do use and airbrush in the beginning, on most projects at least. I still prefer the brush over the airbrush though. The white lining is simply that, like any other highlight I build it up before it gets to pure white. It just takes a steady hand and a decent brush, I use reaper brushes, there's not any real trick just practice. Her skin was done in 7 shades. I used Regal blue, shadow grey, space wolves grey, and white. I hope that helps :)