Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finished stuff! Ruins of Osgiliath and Astorath the Grim

This piece kicks off a lasting relationship between the Chimera Hobby Shop and I. It was fun to do something from lord of the rings as a first, this is actually the first lord of the rings model I've painted.

Tonally I kept it to a sandy burnt marshmallow tone much akin to the Deathwing I've painted. A thin layer of green followed by some chestnut brown was added to the lower edge of these pieces to add a bit of a mossy look.

These were some cool pieces and I look forward to seeing them at a tournament. Here are some top views.

I've also completed and mailed out another Astorath the Grim. This one is going to my new pal Christophe in Switzerland. Fun Fun!

Hopefully he arrives in one piece. He's sufficiently pinned but this is the first international shipment I've sent and I naturally fear the worst. 

Adepticon is creeping around the corner and I'm already nervous about it, Firstly I need to finish my friend Kevin's army he's taking to the combat patrol tournament. The project is well underway and I should have it completed in a week. I wrote out a schedule and I'm already ahead! However I still have entries that I need to paint for the crystal brush! Not all of them, I'm happy to say 2 are done but I have 2 more on the way and my band is going on a short 10 day tour march 17th through the 28th. This cuts 10 days off of my painting time! I'll be ok, after all there are 24 hours in a day and sleep is for the weak! :)

For grins here's my band. what does it have to do with miniatures?..I'm in the band. The drummer if you're curious, enjoy. *warning* this is very radio friendly.

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