Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eldar, finished and in progress

I've been a little quiet lately on the blogging front due to the project, next to my real life, that has been consuming my time for the last week and beyond. I'm happy to say though that after tonight I should have it finished. This leaves me with a decent amount of time to paint more entries for Adepticon which of course has me feeling good. Here's a squad of jetbikes that may be skimming by the combat patrol tournament.

Kevin was undecided about what his list would be exactly before the tournament so had me paint up a few options which is why I say these bikes may be at Adepticon. The commission was for 6 bikes, 6 War Walkers, and 10 Dire Avengers. Oh and a display base for the whole force. At this moment all the bikes and walkers are done. All my efforts are on the avengers which are coming along nicely at the moment.

They should be done in the coming hours, me and these eldar have stayed up past midnite many nites this week and I look forward to having that last date tonight...I'm getting all sentimental, so much pain, so much joy, the high times and lows we've shared...

Tomorrow I will roll out of bed and finish this baby, followed by a long photography session so I can present all the personnel in their stardusted glory. The idea for the overall look on this army was to make them look very foreign to their environment. I chose dusty clay bases punctuated by rusted bits of our human technology and smooth cool celestial colors on the models. 

I'll be sharing a whole mess of finished photos in no time. The Eldar are not alone with me in the night, one of their dark cousins has been watching all the while coming to life slowly beside them. But more on her later :}

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