Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Walking to war

My friend Kevin commissioned me to paint the army he's taking to the combat patrol tournament at Adepticon. I got around to basecoating them last night and this morning, these photos aren't the best but I was able to get much smoother results with the airbrush by diluting the paint even more than I had before. Certain colors come out chalkier than others, white and ivory being the two I've had the most problems with. It makes sense as these colors have lager particles than most. Here they are so far.

Now it's on to the brushwork, some edge highlighting and then grey and white freehanding everywhere. I may even use some turquoise in the linework but I plan on coloring all the gems with turquoise and that may be an over load. After consulting the color wheel I'm thinking a terracotta color on the bases and buildings. I'm not sure about the pilots, probably something dark with a colored helmet to match the base. Much like the colors between the model and base shown here.

This is the Sophie I plan on taking to Adepticon, I'm thinking true metallics will better suit this model. Apologines for the quality of the photos, they were simply autoleveled. But she's coming along nicely, I still can't quite decide what to do, if any, as far as freehandding goes. Maybe a big tribal tattoo going up and down one leg? Or some arcane markings on the wings or the rocks on the base? If anyone has any ideas don't hold back. Hopefully I'll have her finished by the end of the week so I can start the beastmen next. Well, I better get back to work!

Cheers, Samson


  1. That skin tone on Sophie is rockin! Is the plinth pre-made or homemade? either way it looks great with the fig.

  2. Thanks buddy, it's a home made plinth. Just some slate and driveway dirt, I now have a plinth hookup.