Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to the Grind, WIP Madness

I'm finally back home from my Gen Con/ Tour extravaganza. What a ride it's been, I'm happy to be back and it's time to get kicking again. I'll have the scoop on my experience at Gen Con next time ;) Today I just wanted to get back into the swing of things. 

First off I spent and hour today experimenting with and eventually building a base for a model I acquired at Gen Con. I also intend on using this base style for one of models I bought at Games Day, which I forgot to post pictures of when I posted all my GD photos. I'll snap pictures of all my swag from Gen Con and Games Day next time. Today I just wanted to get down to some old fashioned modelling.

I've been noticing a few bases here and there where there's a sort of sub level exposed. I thought I'd take a crack at one and decided that style would go well with Dee Dee, space girl by Reaper. This one's just a personal piece for my own collection.

I also got to work on a commission from my pal in Switzerland. Thanks for the chocolate by the way Christophe ;) He sent me two pieces, the first being Njal Stormcaller.

Just a bit of airbrushing a wash and the beginnings of some battle damage.

The second is a stunning model from Scibor. I'll let the mini do the talking.

I'm very enthused to be working on these models, especially the Bear from Scibor! I'll have these guys done in no time :)

Tour can be slightly draining on the income. I found the time to throw up some Ebay auctions today.

Both of these models are older paintjobs and I've realized I don't need to keep every model I paint...slowly.

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