Friday, August 26, 2011

Finished Sanguinary Priest and WIP Wolf lord from Scibor

Yesterday I finished off and photographed yet another Sanguinary priest for the wilds of E-bay. I think that makes five now...They keep selling though so hey, give the people what they wants and they wants it all the time. 

Now that I have some auctions cooking on E-bay it's time to go full force on the commissions. The Wolf Lord from Scibor is well on his way. the most daunting part was beginning the painstaking process of painting all the runes on the armor. With that behind me I started glazing more blue tones into the armor and working up the bear's fur. Nothing is finished at this point but he's coming along :)

I better get back to work. I plan on going out later and don't want the guilt of a wasted day weighing on my conscience.


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