Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gen Con Photopalooza

Well, I finally got down to sorting the photos from Gen Con. With out further ado let's jump right in :)

Outside of the hall's there were plenty of iconic characters set up. Having recently completed the Dark Elf trilogy I'm a big fan of the famous Drizzt Do'Urden.

This big guy was hanging out with Privater Press. I was lucky enough to take home two Gold medals in the Grandmaster Painting Competition for my Diretroll Blitzer and Madrak Ironhide. So far so good, the only 2 models in my budding army have gold medals :) I plan on painting some Fennblades when I find time again to add to my Trollkin army. See you next year P3!

Further inside the hall I found a bitchin' display in the form of the Hirst Arts booth.

I sure do love a good table, here are some upcoming pieces from Battlefield in a Box.

I found the Dark Age table near the Coolmini booth quite captivating as well :)

Are you looking for a Tail?

Han, cute huh? It is and don't talk shit about costumes, they really made the event a lot more fun...Unless you're peering over your creep rapist glasses with a firmly straight face, then please don't wear a pink hat and tail. Pedophiles look creepy no matter how furry they are. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

This girl made this whole suit herself!

They are not mountains they are but men. Here we see Geoffrey from Crazy Igor's and Kevin the Bitz Pimp ( These two guy made my stay in the Chimera's booth and Gen Con, much more entertaining :) Good friends to have indeed.

That's about all I got pictures of from Gen Con, after all I was working some of the time. Phewie. Next time I'll have the loot I took home from Gen Con and Games Day. A little glimpse of things to come around the blog ;)

Cheers and keep your heads up!

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