Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finished! Diretroll Mauler

I finally managed to gets some more time into this blue bulk. I'm pleased with how he came out but I can't say if the brush won't pass over him one more time. This brings the total count of painted models in my Trollbloods army to a massive seven! Slow and steady. The next step for the trolls is to kick out some infantry in the form of maxed out Fennblades unit to fill out my army. 

Check him out on Coolmini:


  1. This is absolutely amazing work. I'm working on my trollblood army right now and I'm really curious how you did the Mauler's skin. Could you give me a couple of tips?

    What blue paints did you choose?

  2. Hmm, well I'd recommend a wet pallet and a 7 color progression starting with regal blue and black going to shadow grey and then all the way to space wolves grey as the final highlight. I don't know how comfortable with layering you are but that's how I did the skin. Always moving back and forth in colors ;)Most importantly, take your time. I worked on this guy over 3 weekends totaling around 18 hours. Check out my Coolmini gallery for some more Trolls by the way ;) Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks so much for the advice! The seven color progression sounds really time consuming, but its hard to argue with the results! I think thats my biggest issue right now, is forcing myself not to rush when doing my models.

    When you say moving back and forth in colors, do you mean starting with the basecoat, then doing a shading, then a highlighting, then a shading again and so on?

    I've seen your work on Coolmini, and thats what brought me here! Seriously, I'm blown away by the quality of your painting.

    Coincidentally, I'm just starting a unit of Fennblades to go with Jarl, so I'll be paying close attention to yours!

  4. Your Trollbloods are simply astounding. If you ever found the time to write or video a basic tutorial for the skin, leather and metal I would be an avid reader / watcher. Keep up the good work your art is inspirational!