Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sky of Fire

I couldn't resist posting a preview picture nearly the minute I finally finished this monstrous undertaking. Somehow I have to figure out how to do the proper pictures over the next few days. Until then though I'd like to share this little preview taken at the exact moment of triumph 60 hours later.(!)

Also this little gem :)

Over the weekend I found time to finish off a Sanguinary priest in preparation for Adepticon. I switched back to red on this one. I've been trying to generate some extra funds to fuel my shopping spree at Adepticon. So far so good, I'll be able to save a burrito or two worth off shipping costs this way. Plus: Shoppinnnggg Spreeee! Pronounce that how you wish.

This way to Samson's Adepticon drive:


  1. Priest looks really good Sam! Have you noticed a trend on what colors sell better? You should see how a Quartered or half and half scheme sells... I am curious!

  2. Holy crap, a comment went through!

  3. Hah, I've heard commenting can be difficult on this site. Not sure what to do about it. But yeah, I've painted a few white and that seemed to sell better but now that I've sold 8 priests I may have saturated the market hah. I just wanted to do one with a bloody cup :) Not sure if I'll make any more of these guys.

  4. It is Ebay... I doubt the Market is really saturated. It is also Blood Angels, so I am sure there are /alot/ of players out there. I do wonder if you did other Chapters like Flesh Tearers and the like if they would sell... might be to much of a risk.