Wednesday, May 7, 2014

From the Base to the top

I'm starting to really enjoy it when I get commissioned to do one of the newest 40K super heavies and the big 'ol base that goes with it. I got a little lost in this one :) I'll keep it a secret as to what I'm mounting on this base. Hope it tickles your fancy.

Here's my pallet in beginning stages of the accompanying models paint job.

And this is a lineup of the randoms making their was along the sides of my painting table. More on each of them in their own time.


  1. Can't wait to see more and that is an interesting assortment of miniatures.

  2. That base is amazing. How are you doing the glass and the little papers? So much detail in it!

    1. Thanks guys! The glass is just pieces of a blister pack. I scraped them lightly to add the cracks. The papers are tiny squares of paper I cut out, bent to shape, dabbed with super glue, and then painted. Just be careful with the amount of glue you use on the plastic shards.

    2. Great tips! Thanks for replying! Can't wait to see the creation that goes on such a wonderful base!

  3. the base is wonderful!
    can't wait to see what will go with it.