Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Warhound Titans of Chaos

After a little deliberation on how to take pictures of these two I decided to go with an outdoor theme. The sun was finally shining and the ruinous powers of chaos were if full bloom. I was sad to see them go after so much time with them. I spent a total of 46 hours on the two of them. This was definitely a monstrous undertaking but something I was looking forward to starting right after adepticon in early april. They also serve as a fond farewell to Dark Lens Studio. I'm going independent like I should have been all along. It's been a difficult ride since the end of last September when I set out for Utah to work with Blue Table Painting. But one I'll never forget. This post marks the end of those past missteps. 

Don't compromise your happiness. 

As a parting shot here's a little picture I like to call "shipping hell".

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