Monday, March 14, 2016

Infinity City Day 1

Almost a year ago I scored some scenery from Mantic Games. The Sci-fi quadrant to be exact and it was a massive load of scenery, at a great price too. Enough to cover a 2 x 2 foot area. Brother John and I trimmed and assembled it over time while we were learning the game of Infinity. It's been great and we've been having a lot of fun with it but it doesn't look like a game until everything is painted. This the first batch and definitely not the last. I already want more Mantic kits and there is a need for some smaller elements that will come in the form of shipping crates and dumpsters. 

It all started off with a ghost coat, for the city and bounty hunter as well :) 

Finally, a proper chance to use some masking tape and stencils from Brush for Hire.

Coming together nicely so stay tuned, a little more detail and a little closer to complete next time.

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  1. Wow that terrain is great! I've just started learning Infinity myself so am on the look out for some terrain. I'll definitely check these guys out